Estate Planning and Administration

Regardless of the size or complexity of your estate, everyone needs an estate plan. A comprehensive estate plan is designed to meet the personal, family, tax and financial objectives of each individual. Randy Kennedy will work with you to create an individualized estate plan to accomplish your goals for the future. Whether your estate is large or small, our attorneys will provide you with the personalized service and knowledge necessary to guide you through the process. We represent diverse clients with estates ranging from the very modest to multi-millions of dollars. When assisting clients with the planning and administration of an estate, our goal is to make the process as simple and efficient as possible.

There are estate-planning concerns that every individual faces, including:
• Appropriate asset management and medical concerns in case of incapacity;
• Avoiding probate and court entanglements during incapacity and at death;
• Minimizing or avoiding expenses associated with estate administration; and
• Ensuring the right people get the right property, at the right time.

The implementation of an estate plan requires the creation and execution of various planning documents. Below you will find detailed links to some of the estate planning documents created and implemented at the firm. Estate planning and administration can be a simple process or it can become more complex. Mr. Kennedy is experienced in all aspects of the estate planning and administration process. Call our office today at (423) 764-7162 to discuss your personalized plan.