Divorce, Matrimonial and Family Law

Divorce actions and child custody disputes are traumatic experiences for both parents and children and everyone involved. Few events in life can have such drastic and lasting consequences. The natural result of the decision to divorce is a growing list of personal goals related to the divorce process. Divorce-related goals can involve marital property, child custody rights and spousal and child support, as well as time-frame and cost goals.

At R. Kennedy Law, much of our legal practice is devoted to representing parties:

• Seeking uncontested or contested divorces
• Have child custody disputes or need child support, alimony and spousal support determined
• Needing parenting plans and visitation calendars
• Needing prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
• Desiring help with other matters involving family and matrimonial law.

Attorney Randy Kennedy has helped thousands of individuals and families navigate divorce proceedings and the opportunities and expectations of the family courts. We have a thorough understanding of the law — as well as of human nature. We will handle every aspect of your case, from court filings to court appearances and if necessary, post-divorce modification orders. We work closely with clients to determine their goals; we carefully explain possible roadblocks while also helping explain where it might be possible to exceed goals. For instance, by clearly examining tax statements, we may be able to increase clients' spousal support awards. And by gathering information regarding a spouse's past parenting, we can work to enhance your child custody results.

If you are currently involved or expect to be involved in a divorce proceeding or child custody matter, you need a knowledgeable, experienced litigator on your side. Experience makes the difference in family law legal matters. To resolve family law disputes and create agreements, you will need:

• An attorney experienced in conducting property division, visitation, support and custody negotiations
• An attorney able to fully protect your property, including complex business, inheritance and retirement account property
• An attorney knowledgeable of child support, spousal support and child custody legal guidelines
• An attorney that encourages parents to do what is best for the children AND encourages you to focus on the importance of parenting time for both parents
• An attorney to advise you and advocate for you, someone to make sure your rights are protected and your side of the story is effectively presented

As a parent experiencing a divorce, the care of your child or children is one of the most important decisions to make.

Mr. Kennedy can provide compassionate, unwearied and aggressive legal representation for all family law-related legal issues, including:

Alimony/spousal support
Child custody and child support
Prenuptial agreements
Domestic violence

A lifetime of marriage can bring surprising financial, ownership, property, income and custody complications. Our attorneys work with accountants to accurately evaluate property values, complex accounts, second home and business ownership arrangements, and incomes. We can conduct background investigations to determine which custody arrangement will best serve your child's interests. We can evaluate a broad range of income-related documents to ensure you receive or pay fair spousal and child support payments.

Are you facing divorce or family law-related issues ranging from domestic violence to ownership disputes regarding family-owned businesses and inheritances? If you answered yes, contact the experienced law firm of R. Kennedy Law. Now is the time to formulate and pursue your child custody, child support and property division goals. We have helped thousands of individuals meet and exceed their divorce-related goals, and can help you. Call (423) 764-7162.

We'll tell you how we would handle your case and what our fee would be, and then you can decide whether to retain us to handle your divorce. We offer a reasonable consultation fee for family law matters. If your family law problem does not require the assistance of an attorney, we will tell you that, too. There is no need to spend money unnecessarily. We are here to help you. The laws are constantly changing. Mr. Kennedy is versed in the latest developments on child support laws and other laws affecting people experiencing divorce.